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What We Carry

Mixed Media Installation

(Antique and New Fabric, Metal, Ceramic, Needle, Photography, Rug) 6’x6’x5’, 2012

We experience the world through the prism of our upbringing, traditions, and the bias of our cultures and worldviews.... as if through a kaleidoscope of familiar sights and sounds embedded deep within our mind...... Powerful forces from within crying out and demanding to be heard....Experiences, emotions, and beliefs forming and framing the tapestry of our worldviews; ethereal fibers and threads weaving the outward garment of our consciousness...


Being an artist is to savor the mystery of each moment to its infinite depth; it is to squeeze out every drop of knowledge, sensation, and wisdom from the ever-flowing stream of time is to transmit and share that which is unseen and unknown..... it is to be engulfed constantly in the ever-changing matrix of experiences is to be aware of the very fabric and framework that makes up her or his worldview... exploring, cherishing and examining every illusive fiber that makes up the very fabric of her or his consciousness and forms the garment of the soul, ..As an artist, I constantly explore new paradigms while discarding old notions without prejudice.... To shed the very garment that makes up the identity and definition of the self is the legacy of a true artist....but I feel brave enough to face the destruction of my world ....Yet to love and care enough to create a new paradigm constantly.. .....As if being the mythical Hindu god Shiva .....The destroyer and the re-creator of one’s world in search for the perfect one... Rama ....I believe that is the true path of an artist...I have abandoned mind and body as a tattered robe

you......still in worldly garments, DO NOT sleep on.


What we carry, Installation, Islamic Tiles, Iran, Raheleh Filsoofi

Installation view

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