Aural Topography 

Walk, Sound, Photography, Ongoing Project Since 2015


Aural topography is the development of an understanding of place in terms of sound.  In the same way that physical topography records and analyses the way that land goes up and down, the way that one can move from enclosed to open areas, the way that landforms shape our experience of the world, aural topography enhances physical space and makes shapes of its own in our minds. The depth to which aural topography reaches is in many ways more profound than that of the land, insofar as it can cut across time through memory and it can trigger feelings and emotions that are part of our rapport not only with a place but also with people, animals, plants, the wind … that run across it.  Sounds can be made by people and things that we know, but their origins may also come from people and things that are unfamiliar.  I explore aural topography by walking.  It is the physical connection with the place, the kind of foot-to-the-ground connection that cannot be made from a moving vehicle, that brings me in contact with sound.  I seek to record and experience sounds and to observe how a place creates, shapes and offers sound to those that pass through it.  I seek to understand how the fabric of sound clothes the spirit of the place, and how both sound and ground bring joy to the freedom of movement.