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Online Publications

Joe Nolan, Raheleh Filsoofi's Scultpure and Video Installation Is a Meditative Mouthful, May 26, 2022.


Ann Marie Deer Owens, New faculty Raheleh Filsoofi: A bridge between cultures, Vanderbilt University, October 3, 2020.



Amanda A. Taylor, UTRGV Newsroom, Three UTRGV art students complete a residency program at Chautauqua School of Art in New York, December 2, 2019.



Eleanor Bishop, Social Sculpture Project Connects School of Art with Natural Resources, The Daily Chautauqua, August 23, 2019.



Whitney Jones, Featured: Raheleh Filsoofi’s ‘On Transcending the Inh(a/i)bited Space’ Exhibition, Cfile Edited by Garth Clark, January 16, 2019.



Meet Raheleh Filsoofi, Interview, VoyageMIA, February 19, 2019.



Molly Glentzer, Art Daybook: Raheleh Filsoofi’s ‘Inh(a/i)bited Space’, Houston Chronicle, August 29, 2018.



Mike Emery, ‘On Transcending the Inhibited Space’ on View at UHD, UHD News, August 21, 2018.



Suzanne Weaver, ‘Mi vaiaje del rio Grande Valley’, Glasstire (Texas Visual Art), February 22, 2018.

Amanda A. Taylor, ‘UTRGV “FOLD” Exhibition Unifies Artists in Cultural, Feminist Concepts’, UTRGV News, February 7, 2018.



‘Artists as Authors of Culture’, AIS Newsletter, Volume 38, Number 2, November 2017. 3 and 32.



Samannaz Rohanimanesh, ‘Iranian-American Artist Concatenates A Simultaneous Intercontinental Art Expo’, The Iranian Online Magazine, October 30, 2017.



Phillip Valys, ‘Oh, the Nerve’ Performance-art festival debuting in FAT Village’, Sun Sentinel, March 2016.



Kathy Maves ‘Surprises at NCECA’, NCECA Blog, March 2014.



‘The Peace Cylinder Project + The Book of Esther’, Six Pillars Top Persia, July 23, 2014.



Sheryl Estrada, ‘17 Artists Earn Southern Exposure’ Huffpost Art& Culture, August 6, 2014.



Lucy Lazarony ‘Embracing Culture and Clay’, Palm Beach ArtsPaper, April 1, 2013.

Print Media

Molly Glentzer, Art Daybook: Raheleh Filsoofi’s ‘Inh(a/i)bited Space’, Houston Chronicle, August 29, 2018. D21.

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