Meet Raheleh Filsoofi, Interview, VoyageMIA, February 19, 2019

Featured: Raheleh Filsoofi’s ‘On Transcending the Inh(a/i)bited Space’ Exhibition, Cfile Edited by Garth Clark, January 16, 2019

by Whitney jones

Art Daybook: Raheleh Filsoofi’s ‘Inh(a/i)bited Space

Houston Chronicle, August 29, 2018

by Molly Glentzer

Mi viaje del rio Grande Valley

Glasstire (Texas Visual Art), February 22, 2018

by Suzanne Weaver

FOLD exhibit combines unique disciplines through art

The Monitor, February 26, 2018

by Nancy Moyer

UTRGV, IMAS provide venues for inclusive

dialogue interdisciplinary exploration

The Monitor, February 1, 2018

by Daniel A. Flores

FOLD Exhibition unifies artists in cultural feminist concepts

UTRGV, February 5, 2018

by Amanda Taylor

Iranian-American Artist Concatenates A Simultaneous Intercontinental Art Expo

The Iranian, October 30, 2017

by Samannaz Rohanimanesh

Oh, the Nerve

Performance-art festival debuting in FAT Village

March 16, 2016, by Phillip Valys

The Peace Cylinder Project + The Book of Esther Review

Posted on July 23, 2014


Surprises at NCECA

Review Posted, Spring 2014

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