“Only Sound Remains”

Multi-Media Installation (Ceramic Objects, Video, Sound) 2014


We each experience the world through the prism of our upbringing, our traditions, and the familiar sights and sounds embedded deep within our soul. Only Sound Remains is an installation in which I explore and share those experiences through specific objects, sounds, and video. Eleven ceramic vessels, inspired by the tradition of my ancestors, hide and shape sounds that narrate simple and complex experiences in my life. The sounds range from the bazaar to praying, marching, an explosion, a woman telling a story, and traditional Iranian music. The video in this installation presents images of women speaking on a screen. The women narrate the kinds of stories we tell to one another, while the vessels hold the sounds that we keep to ourselves in a place where memories are processed, packaged, and stored.

The installation is a metaphor for the way in which we experience the world. The vessels represent the selection of experiences represented by sounds that may or may not be fully understood. The viewer must wait to enter the ‘sub-conscious’ of this installation in order to probe it by placing an ear next to the vessels in order to find some inner meaning.

Only Sound Remains has permitted me to create and use a voice that goes beyond immediate media stereotypes of ceramic and other crafts, in order to articulate a deeper meaning. It engages audiences from different cultural backgrounds, and it functions as the cultural bridge that I have always strived to build between my culture of origin and the culture that I am a part of now.