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The Inh(a/i)bited Space

Multimedia Installation, Ceramic Vessels, Wire, and Sound, 2018

The Inh(a/i)bited Space invites the viewer to delve into the artist’s personal recollections of senses, sound, and space. Her handmade vessels of memory, which present site-specific sound-bites, confront the paradox of inhibited and inhabited space in the wake of current socio-political immigration policies. The vessels with wires leading from one to the other, like the rhizomatous structure, collectively perform a symphony of melodic and ambient sound. The installation disrupts the viewer’s sense of utopia with the rhetoric of the travel ban and its progeny: disorientation, anxiety, and psychological displacement. 

“The Inh(a/i)bited Space”  Multimedia Installation, Ceramic Vessels, Wire and Sound, 2018, Rahleleh Filsoofi

Installation View

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