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Ceramic Objects and Performance, 2021 

Bite is a practice of resilience and resistance. It attempts to bring the buried histories of the past forth and aim to reimagine and transcend the colonial narrative present in clay particles of the earth and artifact throughout history. The artist, woman, and immigrant, and the one who bites is the witness and an agent to expose the urgency of the contemporary moments. She offers her body as a tool and its ability to embed its unique, identifying mark on clay artifacts for future narrative and interpretation. A new narrative that emerges in respect to past knowledge, to value the act of making pattern of her existence, of her strength in the current political landscape.  Both labor and ritual, the physicality of the action provoke attention to the internal.  Form, pattern, and function captured as she sinks her teeth into the clay, an artifact from when her body and spirit were borderless, an act of defiance and affirmation.  To leave a mark of her existence for the future. To change the narrative. To become the narrative. 

BITE, Ceramics, Raheleh Filsoofi


Live Performance, Aspects/Ratio/Projects, May 2021 

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