"The Peace Cylinder Project"

Performances and Installations (An ongoing project since 2012)


Collaboration with Linda Behar
The Peace Cylinder is a project that brings together two important stories from antiquity that have great relevance today – the "Declaration of King Cyrus of Persia" and the "Book of Esther" from the Bible. The Cyrus Cylinder is a clay cylinder that was discovered in the ancient city of Babylon in Mesopotamia, and it dates to the sixth century B.C. On it is a text in Akkadian cuneiform script issued by the King of Persia, which is regarded as the first declaration of human rights for the way in which it promotes religious tolerance and freedom. The Book of Esther is a section of The Hebrew Bible that relates the story of a Jewish girl named Esther, who became the queen of Persia and used her position to intercede with the king in order to prevent a genocidal plan against her people. The Biblical text teaches that individuals should act with the knowledge of God’s love according to the situations in which they find themselves and with respect for God’s sovereignty in all circumstances.


This project includes two ongoing and evolving performances and two large-scale installations. The Peace Cylinder (Performance), Whose Blood is Redder? (Performance and Installation) and The Eternal Dialog (Installation)