"The Eternal Dialogue"

Installation of over 100 large lasers cut papers with the Peace Cylinder texts

(An ongoing project since 2018)

The Eternal Dialogue

How powerful are words?  How completely do we have to know them?  Two texts from antiquity, the declaration of Cyrus the Great in Babylon of the sixth century B.C. and the biblical Book of Esther, juxtapose two aspects of the same cultural encounter – that of rulers and subjects in the Middle East, which constitute the heritage of modern-day Iranian and Jewish culture.  Both texts speak of dignity and human rights, each in its own way, which the artists Linda Behar and Raheleh Filsoofi bring together through installation and performance.  The texts themselves are known through painstaking scholarship and textual reconstruction, which the artists deconstruct in a contemporary context.  Words are just letters that fall on the ground if the meaning is forgotten or lost in the confusion of contemporary events.  Little bits of text can help bring back and integrate the meaning of the whole, however, if one takes the time to pay attention.