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Curatorial Project: FOLD: Art, Practice, and Metaphor

February 1 - April 2, 2018

FOLD: Art, Practice and, Metaphor was an exhibition of contemporary works by thirteen female artists who explored the concept of the fold in terms of form and conceptual metaphor in both stationary and time-based art media at four different locations in McAllen and Edinburg —the International Museum of Art and Science (IMAS), The Visual Arts Gallery, Visiting Center, and Performing Center at University of Texas Rio Grande Valley— over a period of eight weeks in Spring 2018. The cycle of events also included the annual FESTIBA event. The fold is simple and complex at the same time – it is a physical act, a state of the material, and a way to explain things that happen in other realms.  The fold challenges space and even time, and as a symbolic paradigm, it offers an ever-expanding impulse for creativity. Along with the exhibition, six scholars from different disciplines; Philosophy, Psychology, Social History, the History of Art and Literature, and Women’s Studies explored the concept of FOLD in their respective areas. The exhibition, with its speakers and the panel discussions, provided a unique opportunity to engage with the many voices, and perspectives of notable, contemporary artists and demonstrated the way that art can offer inspirational insight into current societal issues and trends.

FOLD: ART, Practice, and Metaphor, Exhibition View

Exhibition #1

Location: International Museum of Art and Science (IMAS) | McAllen

Artists: Laleh Mehran, Sibel Kocabasi, Giannina Coppaino Dwin, and Anja Marias

Exhibition dates: February 2 - April 1, 2018

FOLD: ART, Practice, and Metaphor, Exhibition View

Exhibition #2

Location: Visual Art Gallery Located in Annex Building | Edinburg

Artists: Linda Behar, Isabel Gouveia, Rojhaneh Hosseini, Dorotha Grace Lemeh, and Amber Scoon

Exhibition dates: February 15 - March 29, 2018

FOLD: Art, Practice, and Metaphor, Performance by Niurca Marquez in Collaboration with Jose Luis de la Paz


Location: Performing Arts Complex, Edinburg

Artist: Niurca Marquez: Flamenco Dancer | Jose Luis de la Paz: Guitar

Time: Monday, February. 26, 2018 | 7 p.m.

FOLD: Art, Practice, and Metaphor, Exhibition View

Exhibition #3

Location: Visitors Center at UTRGV | Edinburg

Artists: Misoo Filan, Gulia Huber, Sibel Kocabasi, and Golnar Shahyar

Exhibition dates: February 26 - March 30, 2018

FOLD: Art, Practice, and Metaphor, Panel, and Lectures 

FOLD: Art, Practice, and Metaphor

Panel Discussion: Unfolding Social Issues

Location: Visitor Center at UTRGV| Edinburg

Time: Monday, February 26, 2018

UTRGV Faculty presenters:

Panel Moderator:

Dr. Friederke Brühöfener

Assistant Professor, Department of History

Assistant Program Director, Gender and Women's Studies Program



Dr. Young Rae Oum

Lecturer, Department of Sociology and Anthropology

Title of the paper: Immigrant Identities in the Folds of Narratives


Dr. Ruby Charak

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Department of Psychological Science

Title of the paper: Caught in the Folds of Sexual (Re) Victimization


Dr. Cathryn Merla-Watson

Assistant professor in the literature and Cultural Studies

Department of Literatures and Cultural Studies

Title of the paper: Difference, Feminism, and FOLD


Dr. Mariana Alessandri

Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Mexican-American Studies

Department of Philosophy

Title of the paper: Unfolding the UTRGV Students

Lecture: Laleh Mehran, Art Talk, International Museum of Art and Science McAllen Texas


Lecture: Dr. Brian McConnell, FOLD: Let the Metaphor Reveal, School of Art, Edinburg, Texas 


Lecure: Dr. Katherine McAllen, Luxuries of Trade: Folding Screens in colonial Latin America, International Museum of Art and Science, McAllen, Texas  

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